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Professional instructors, world class curriculum, flexible timing

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Why Choose First Code Academy 1:1

Flexible timing, flexible learning path, professional curriculum

1:1 Guide to Your Coding Journey

  • Live 1:1 coding lessons
  • Certified instructors instruct, code and debug with you
  • Completes 1 project every lesson
  • Gains understanding on computer science concept every lesson

Professionally trained instructors

  • Trained by our MIT certified training system
  • After 4 rounds of strict selection, teacher acceptance rate is only 3%
  • Professional feedback and guidance to maintain top-notch, up to date teaching quality

3:1 Smart Service System

  • Tailored to the actual needs of the child
  • Personalized course progression and difficulty
  • 1 class teacher + 1 course consultant
  • + 1 teaching management teacher serve 1 student at the same time

Seamless feedback mechanism

  • Communicate progress on your child's learning
  • Set plans, goals and learning strategies
  • Ensure effective learning with feedback and reflection

Interactive, award winning course content

  • After continuous iteration of classroom content
  • Facilitate a happy and interactive learning environment
  • Instill the love of coding into your child

Most extensive curriculum library

  • Global leader in extensive curriculum
  • Professional team behind development
  • 10,000 teaching units (and growing) of curriculum for age 5 to 18
  • Over 25,000 projects and coding challenges

What they said about First Code Academy

Words from Our Founder

Instilling the Silicon Valley Mindset to Our Next Generation

"Knowing how to code opened up a whole new world to me, including the opportunities to work at high growth technology startups in the Silicon Valley. I realize that coding also helps shape one’s way of thinking, by structurally decomposing and analyzing a problem. At the same time, coding is also a highly creative act, as it allows me to create in a whole new medium, i.e. technology, to transform my ideas into an app, website etc. That feeling is very empowering.

In addition, my experience in teaching coding and STEM in the Silicon Valley gave me the conviction that coding is the next literacy for the millennial generation.

With that, I felt compelled to help students globally gain digital literacy, through First Code’s coding and STEM programs. Developed by a passionate and top caliber team of engineers and educators, our structured, unique and robust curriculum aims to challenge students to think, act responsibly and be a creative leader in the digital era.

I hope that the skills, experiences, mentorships and friendships our students experience at First Code can jumpstart them to a lifelong journey of creative pursuits and endless career possibilities."

Michelle, Founder & CEO

Partners and Press

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

The course can start anytime! It is completely flexible in terms of scheduling, you decide when you start and how frequently you want to take the classes.

Are FCA 1:1 Coding Classes appropriate for all skill levels?

We start with age of 5 for FCA 1:1. We are able to tailor make the curriculum roadmap based on your child's interest, levels, and long term goals.

How can you make sure online class quality is same as in person classes?

We actually see a better result from online due to the 1:1, personalized learning setting. We work with students to develop their individualized learning plan and adjust the content along the way. We also are able to switch instructors quickly if there isn't a fit. Contact us here to book a trial class, and we'll be in touch shortly!

What is required for Online 1:1 Lessons?

An iPad (for 5-6 year old program), PC or Mac, and stable internet connection is all you need! Some units will also require installation of specific software which we will be sharing with you after registration. We also highly recommend to have a webcam and mic installed to have an interactive experience. 

How do I purchase FCA 1:1?

Contact us here to book a trial class, and we'll be in touch shortly!

What if I'm unhappy with the tutor?

We can change the tutor if you wish, no questions asked! Our students' happiness is key and we totally understand.

What if I don't know how to set up the software ahead of the class?

We offer complimentary set up sessions for certain courses, so you will be all set before day 1 of the lesson. Don't worry; we got you covered!