About us

Our Story 01

Our Story

Shaping Future Creators

First Code Academy was founded with the mission of empowering the next generation to become creators with technology. We believe that technology can be a powerful canvas for young children to express their creativity. Since 2013, we have created thousands of hours of curriculum on developing games and animation, building apps, websites, 3D games.

Over 15,000 students has learned how to code with us. Be it making their own games, building their first apps, or designing their own 3D graphics, students go from zero knowledge of coding, to avid programmer at First Code.

Our Values 02

Our Values

Done is Better Than Perfect

Our two top values are “Done is Better Than Perfect” and “Do Things, Tell People”.

Creators and makers make the world better, by pushing the envelope. By sharing what we create, we discover new opportunities to innovate, iterate, and improve our products.

Our Team 03

Our Team

MIT Master Trainer led, Supporting Your Personalized Learning

We encourage our students to get comfortable with showing their work to their world, to value “finish” over “perfect” and to support each other in their creative journey.

Teaching coding is both a skill and an art. Our instructors are trained with the highest standard instilled by our founder, Michelle Sun’s MIT Master Trainer license, to ensure the best learning experience with our students.

At the same time, instructors adapt and create the right plan for each student. Because coding is all about creating the project on hand effectively, our instructors are ready to innovate, iterate and modify our teaching plan based on our students’ needs, in order to achieve the best results.

Our Offering

Over 1000 Hours of Coding, Game Development, Web/Mobile Development Courses to Choose From!


Silicon Valley is a mindset, not a location


Shaping Future Creators


Done is Better Than Perfect

“ I originally thought online classes are really boring, but I learned so much in just a week of online coding course. I can't wait to build more Python games! ”
“ I love learning coding with my brother online. I previously learned AppJamming, and now I started doing more Web Development. My instructor Zoe helped me with all the bugs from my code. ”
“ Since Joshua's school is suspended, he has been learning coding from home. I can skip the traffic and still have him learn new things. He is making great progress and enjoying it! ”

Words from Our Founder

Silicon Valley Mindset, in Asia

“Growing up in Hong Kong, I have always been fascinated by sciences and maths, but I found my passion in technology and the power of coding only after working in investment banking and starting my first tech startup.

Knowing how to code opened up a whole new world to me, including the opportunities to work at high growth technology startups in the Silicon Valley. I realize that coding also helps shape one’s way of thinking, by structurally decomposing and analyzing a problem. At the same time, coding is also a highly creative act, as it allows me to create in a whole new medium, i.e. technology, to transform my ideas into an app, website etc. That feeling is very empowering.

In addition, my experience in teaching coding and STEM in the Silicon Valley gave me the conviction that coding is the next literacy for the millennial generation.

With that, I felt compelled to help students in Asia gain digital literacy, through First Code’s coding and STEM programs. Developed by a passionate and top caliber team of engineers and educators, our structured, unique and robust curriculum aims to challenge students to think, act responsibly and be a creative leader in the digital era.

I hope that the skills, experiences, mentorships and friendships our students experience at First Code can jumpstart them to a lifelong journey of creative pursuits and endless career possibilities.”

– Michelle, Co-Founder & CEO

International Exposure

MIT AppInventor Summit

The AppJamming Summit is an annual regional event to discover the best young app developers in Asia. Students all over the region are invited to submit and pitch their app ideas in our competition to win an all-inclusive sponsored trip to MIT’s App Inventor Summit. Since 2014, our students and participants have presented and won prizes including Best Presentation and 3rd Place in Hackathon (Experienced category) in the AppInventor Summit in Boston.

“It was fun and challenging and I really enjoyed it. I learned how to make a better poster and presentation. Now I know what the criteria are, I will definitely win next year”, Anna Desfretier – Winner of Best Presentation Award

PyCon Taiwan

PyCon, short for Python Conference, is an annual convention that gathers industry engineers, researcher and educators who use Python in their work, for the discussion and promotion of the Python language. Our student Isaac Li, 11 years old, was admitted to present his talk, “Learning Python as a pre-teen”, where he shared why he started learning coding and tips and tricks for anyone learning Python for the first time.

TEDx Conference Talk

Aside from international exposure, First Code students also seek out opportunities to share their passion in local community events. One of our Python students, Euan, was invited to speak at a TEDx conference in March 2015. His talk “Coding to Express Yourself” moved the audience with an authentic sharing of his journey of picking up coding and how he expressed his creativity through coding different projects, including a Scratch game as Mother’s Day gift when he was 6 years old!

Our Instructors & Approach

Our Leadership

Our instructor team is led by Michelle, our co-founder, and Samiya (picture on the right), a software engineer turned ICT instructor. Samiya holds a degree in Engineering in Electronics and Communication and a certification in Advanced Specialist Diploma in Embedded system.

Both Michelle and Samiya are amongst the first 30 certified Master Trainers by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), having completed the inaugural training course in March 2016. The Master Trainers program trains instructors to not only teach students how to code using App Inventor, but also train other facilitators to teach using the App Inventor platform.

Our Approach

With curriculum adapted from Silicon Valley, our goal is to equip each student with the knowledge and skills to transform their ideas into reality with code.

Adopting a project-based learning approach in the classroom, our students apply programming concepts via hands-on challenges to solve different real world problems. In an increasingly technological world, we empower students with the skills and confidence to explore their creativity, take pride in their creations and pursue their interests.

Our Instructors

First Code instructors is a group of passionate individuals that not only love to teach, but also love working with children.

Our team of instructors take pride in challenging our students to go the extra mile, and see ourselves as facilitators and carers for our students in class. First Code instructors are often found hanging out with students after class, catching up on new STEM topics, coding languages and debugging their projects.