This project will teach you how to create an animated story in Scratch

Duration: 20 mins

Level: Beginner

Programming Language: Block-based programming

What you will need:

  1. An account in Scratch (sign up here)
  2. A laptop/desktop

Part 1: Design

  1. Add in 4 backdrops where the first backdrop should include the text of the title and instructions on how to start the story.
  1. Add 3 sprites which will be the 3 different types of jobs our character wants to be in the story

Part 2: Design

For the backdrop, some code will have to be added

  1. When the green flag is clicked, we need the first backdrop to appear
  2. We also need to play some music non-stop throughout the story
  3. To go to the next backdrop, players will have to click on the space bar
  1. For our astronaut sprite, we need him to have a certain costume and position at the beginning
  2. In our Galaxy backdrop, we want our astronaut to appear and be in the middle of the background. He will also say “I want to be an astronaut” for 2 seconds.
  3. In the other backdrops, the astronaut sprite will be hidden
  1. For our scientist sprite, it will be similar to the one above but we only want it to appear in the bedroom backdrop
  1. For our scuba diver sprite, we want it to appear in the underwater backdrop and be hidden in the rest

You can also watch and code along with our instructor here and you can also pin it below!