As a parent, you may ask what benefits does coding can give to your kid? Why should they learn how to do it? Will they get more addicted to using computers because they will be spending more time on it?

All these questions get more confusing, so we gathered three good reasons why learning to code is essential to kids in today's era. These reasons sum up to developing their Communication Skills, Critical Thinking, and Creative Confidence.

Coding helps kids develop their communication skills.

How many devices do you have? Maybe you own more than one as we always use our smartphone to communicate with our loved ones, a laptop for your work, a tablet, and perhaps a smart TV in your home for entertainment purposes. Whenever I do a quick survey with our parents on the number of connected devices in their households, I can surely say that most families have more devices than the number of people!

Research conducted by Global Web Index shows that, on average, a person owns 3.64 connected devices. See the image below:

The average number of devices owned per person is growing exponentially per year. The Internet of Things (IoT) phenomenon is booming with companies such as Google and Tesla competing in developing driverless cars, households installing Home Automation and Smart Home System to enable lights off with voice command. Our smartphones and tablets do not count, which are attached to our hands most of our waking hours.

We try to learn a foreign language to communicate with others who speak a different language. Coding is a new language, and by learning to code, your child can communicate and command the various computing devices around them.

It enhances their critical thinking.

One of the best ways to develop the critical thinking of your child is through building an app. Before a student can code an app, the child must first identify the core of the problem before defining the program's purpose.

After identifying and defining the purpose, the next step is to put your kid's ideas into a detailed series of steps. It requires your kid to make logical connections between different phases. Coding ensures the creator thinks through her actions before detailing their commands.

Euen Seow, a 12-year-old programmer and app developer from First Code Academy, has already shared his journey of discovering and developing his passion for coding.

It builds your child's creative confidence.

The flip side of these computing devices around us is that more children are consuming them rather than creating good stuff using these devices. Consuming technology can limit children's creativity and self-expression. 

Technology is like a blank canvas, and coding is the skill that enables your kid to express and create on this blank canvas. Through coding, your child gains the power of transforming his ideas to life instead of consuming games on iPads all the time. President Obama once said, "Don't just play on your phone, program it!"

Learning to code teaches not only logical thinking skills but also cultivates creative confidence in your child. We will be sharing more in the next post on why coding is relevant to today's world! Till then, stay tuned!