This project will teach you how to create a simple talking app in App Inventor similar to Talking Tom.

Duration: 8 mins

Level: Beginner

Programming Language: Block-based programming

What you will need:

  1. An account in App Inventor (sign up here by clicking on CREATE)
  2. A laptop or desktop
  3. An android phone or android emulator (you can download Bluestacks here)

Part 1: Design

The design of this app is simple, you only need

  1. Textbox, where the user can input what they want the app to say
  2. Button with an image as the trigger to process the text typed in the text box
  3. A label to tell the user what to do (instructions - “click me to talk”)
  4. Text-to-speech component
  5. Accelerometer sensor so that the phone can sense of someone is shaking it

Part 2: Code

You will only need a few blocks of code for this app.

  1. When the button with the image is clicked, the app will make use of the text-to-speech component to say the words that were typed
  2. When the accelerometer senses the movement of the phone, it will say out “stop shaking me”

You can also watch and code along with our instructor here and you can also pin it below!