We are excited to share this chat between Michelle Sun, founder of First Code Academy, and Emma Yang, a 15-year-old based in New York City who is now creating her own Artificial Intelligence startup for Alzheimer’s Patients,

Timeless. Timeless is a mobile app powered by AI facial recognition technology that empowers Alzheimer's or dementia patients to live better daily lives. Apart from being a young CEO, Emma is an MIT-Solver and TEDxSpeaker. Timeless has won many awards, namely the Bayer Foundations' Aspirin Social Innovation Award and the Grand Prize Winner of the Women Startup Challenge in 2018, which was hosted by Women Who Tech and Google.Michelle had the opportunity to teach Emma coding when Emma was based in Hong Kong previously. Emma shared about how she started Timeless, how she learned to code and her passion for combining healthcare and technology.

We hope you like this episode! We are super amazed and proud to see her making amazing things in technology at such a young age! We can’t wait to follow her new updates and creations in the future.