Here’s how to make a treasure hunt game in Roblox. Since Chinese New Year is around the corner, this game is about finding 10 red envelopes that are hidden throughout the city you’ve built in Roblox. To make the game more exciting, the player will be given a time limit of 5 minutes to find all 10 red envelopes in the Roblox city.

This step by step tutorial is the first part of the Roblox red envelope hunt game. In this tutorial, you will learn how to design a city in Roblox Studio, add the red envelopes and also to make a countdown timer. This Roblox game tutorial is designed for beginners.

Using Roblox studio, this tutorial teaches you how to make a Roblox game in a custom game environment with elements and screen GUIs. Roblox Studio is open-source software that is used to build and design Roblox games. Make your first Roblox game with this tutorial, and it is the perfect start to learn how to make Roblox games on a laptop.