Make an adventure game in Roblox! Since Easter is around the corner, the goal of this project for the player is to get the easter egg inside a basket deep at the end of the jungle. But beware! There will be some green pads that will explode when they turn red. The player needs to run through the jungle and avoid these obstacles. Another feature in this game would be the timer on the screen, which will display how long the player takes to get the easter egg.

This step-by-step tutorial is the first part of the Roblox Easter egg hunt adventure game. In this tutorial, you will learn how to design a game setting, which is a forest, and create the green pad obstacles.This Roblox game tutorial is designed for beginners. Using Roblox Studio, this tutorial teaches you how to make a Roblox game in a custom game environment with elements. Roblox Studio is open-source software that is used to build and design Roblox games.

Make your first Roblox game with this tutorial, and it is the perfect start to learn how to make Roblox games on a laptop. Do you have what it takes to get the Easter egg safely by avoiding the traps?