Watch this video to learn how to build an amazing and easy obstacle course using Minecraft Redstone. This step-by-step tutorial is the second part of the Minecraft Obstacle project where it covers 2 main obstacles present in the Obstacle course, Rain of Arrows and Leap of Faith. In the rain of arrows, the main idea is to pass the ninja platform without getting hit by the arrows that are flying towards you. In the Leap of Faith, the player would have to climb up a huge pillar and then jump into a circle that is surrounded by lava, in order to win the game. Build your first obstacle course game using this tutorial, and it is the perfect start to learn how to be a Minecraft engineer.  

If you are a Minecraft fan and love to build structures in Minecraft, this tutorial is perfect for you! Create your own obstacle course which is designed by our world-class instructors at First Code Academy for beginners to learn Minecraft Engineering techniques with the use of Redstone.