This step- by- step tutorial guides you through on how to create a simple piano keyboard circuit using Arduino Uno and block based programming. To create the circuit, you will use 8 push buttons which will act as our keyboard notes, a buzzer to hear the musical sounds, resistors and wires to complete the circuit wiring and control the amount of electricity flowing through the circuit and a Arduino Uno, which is the microcontroller of the circuit. The circuit will be coded using TinkerCad online program which allows block-based programming language of Arduino Uno, which make it easy for beginners to follow along. Learn to code with our top notch instructors at First Code Academy.

This tutorial is designed by our world class instructors at First Code Academy for beginners to learn how to create a simple circuit making use of block-based programming.The TinkerCad a free, easy-to-use online software for 3D design, electronics, and coding which is suitable for beginners as well as advanced learners. You can build low cost scientific instruments to prove some chemistry and physics principles as well as get started with programming and robotics.