In this video, Michelle Sun, founder of First Code Academy, interviews Roya Mahboob, the first female Afghan tech CEO. She is the CEO of Afghan Citadel Software Company, Bright Citizen (Coffee & Tea), and the Digital Citizen Fund, which supports women and girls in developing countries to learn more about technology to improve their technical and digital literacy, and employment prospects.

Roya and her team of five girls aged 14 to 17, named Afghan Dreamers, are on a life-saving mission in response to the coronavirus pandemic to build a mechanized, hand-operated emergency ventilator prototype using old car parts.Roya shares how her team started working on the ventilator project, what inspired them to build this project, and the drawbacks and obstacles they faced amid this pandemic.

We hope you like this episode! We are super inspired by Roya and her team, and how they’re working hard to build this world-famous and award-winning ventilator project. We can’t wait to see what this young robotics team builds next!