This is a beginner friendly, 15 minutes ScratchJr tutorial to learn to code.

This ScratchJr Coding Tutorial is for beginners to make games in Scratch 3.0. This easy game tutorial uses Scratch MIT, this game is easy to make. This tutorial is perfect for new Scratch coders. Learn how to make a game in Scratch 3.0, in this beginner-friendly scratch tutorial. Learn to code with our top-notch instructors at First Code Academy. This tutorial is designed by our world-class instructors at First Code Academy for beginners to learn Scratch Programming.

This step by step tutorial guides you through making a dream with Astro on Scratch, which is a beginner-friendly programming language developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Scratch Programming Language is suitable for beginners, as it is a block-based programming language that allows for drag and drop.