3D Minecraft Modding II: Program Your Own Mods

Minecraft is a 3D open world sandbox game, where the students can explore the environment and create their own mods using a platform called LearnToMod. This platform uses Block-Based Coding to create modification using code which can be used on their server by friends and family. In this course, students learn about how Minecraft works and how the game can be manipulated using code. Students are introduced to programming concepts which can be used not only in Minecraft, but even when programming more complex items. They learn how a piece of code can manipulate a whole game using problem solving skills and creativity to create things. This course will enable students to create their own mods. Through the process of modding, students will be able to express themselves and share their world with others and show them things that use existing material and items already in Minecraft and even learn to make their own creations. This level also bring an introduction to the programming language of Javascript towards the end of the course.


Must have played Minecraft and completed Minecraft Level 1

    Course Structure

    Lecture, Project-based learning, instructor-led brainstorming sessions

    Introduction To Block Based Coding

    • Understanding and Learning How To Use LearnToMod 
    • Coding and understanding how a Function can be used 
    • Learning what an Event is and how to use it in programming 
    • Learning how Drones can be used in Minecraft

    Learning about Loops and Conditionals

    • Learn to make use of Loops to have code used repeatedly 
    • Learn to make use of Conditionals to have code run under a specific condition and learn how to define this condition using block based programming
    • Learn how we can use Milliseconds and Seconds to measure time 
    • Learning the importance of sequence and how code goes from top to bottom and how code is read

    Learning about Inputs, Custom Commands, Recursion

    • Learn how Inputs can be used with Functions and how information when programming is valuable 
    • Learn how Minecraft commands work and learn how we can create a custom command 
    • Recursion is when a function is used to call itself, learn how this can be used to create a design in Minecraft


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