AppJamming I: Make Your Own App!

This course aims to empower students through teaching them problem-solving using technology. From introducing fundamental computer science concepts, applying Design Thinking process to utilizing AppInventor as a language, we guide students to apply problem-solving skills to their daily lives. Adapting a curriculum used in Silicon Valley, we cover userĀ­-centric design and mobile app development. Students receive personal guidance from our professional trained instructors in thinking through algorithms, decomposing problems and formulating multiple solutions.


Basic Knowledge how to use a laptop

    Course Structure

    Lecture, group activities, paired programming, one-on-one discussion between student and instructor, instructor-led brainstorming sessions, students-led demo

    Introduction to Computer Programming

    Introduction to computer programming, algorithms and basic logic controls
    Creating their first app and familiarizing with App Inventor
    Hands-on: Setting up their computer environment, creating their first app and packaging it

    Data Manipulation

    Concepts to manipulate data: variables, operators, data types
    Introduction of data storage: database
    Hands-on: Creating a series of apps that first requires data manipulation, then uses different data types, and finally utilizes a database

    Design Thinking and Hands on App Creation

    Defining and ideating their individual project through brainstorming workshops
    Creating prototype and testing it against users for usability and iteration
    Individual meetings with instructor to plan out their app and project timeline
    Hands-on: Guided brainstorming in small groups, sketching or modeling prototype



    Feb 16-19, 2021

    10:00am - 12:00pm

    HKD $2,080


    Feb 8-11, 2021

    2:00pm - 4:00pm

    HKD $2,080


    Mar 15-19, 2021

    2:00pm - 4:00pm

    HKD $2,600