AppJamming Level 2: Apps for the Community

The AppJamming Level 2 course aims to empower students to solve real world problems using technology. Through programming functional apps and mobile games, students review the fundamental computer science concepts and delve deeper into more advanced concepts: lists, loops and object-oriented programming. Throughout the course, students learn to decompose problems, research independently as well as plan out and manage their projects. At the end of the course, students will be encouraged and supported to design and program an app that solves a real world problem with the Design Thinking mindset.


Completed AppJamming Level 1

    Course Structure

    Lecture, Project-based learning, discussions between student and instructor, instructor-led brainstorming sessions, students-led demo

    Refresher of Programming with App Inventor

    • Review of key computer science concepts events, conditionals, abstraction and basic data types
    • Hands-on: creating an app that utilizes key concepts and basic App Inventor components

    Introduction to Databases

    • Introduction of data storage with database
    • Hands-on: Creating a series of apps that requires data manipulation and utilizes databases

    Solving a Real World Problem with Programming

    • Review of Design Thinking principles and define a real world problem
    • Planning out designs and implementation processes 
    • Creating prototypes and perform continuous testing
    • Learning to solicit and give feedback to fellow classmates’ projects


    AppJamming 2

    Aug 16-20, 2021

    9:30am - 11:30am


    AppJamming 2

    Aug 9-13, 2021

    4:00pm - 6:00pm