Kodable + Code.org

The Koding With Kids Course is a beginner friendly course which teaches kids the basics of programming. Kids start with learning about programming through Dragging and Dropping Blocks of Code which work as instructions that are sent to the computer. This course utilizes Kodable and also Code.org. Kodable is an application that is available on the computer and iPad, its game based app that teaches coding concepts. Code.org is an online based web platform which makes use of interactive games to bring concepts to life. Students start with the very basic commands and learn to understand how each section of the code works, then they dive into harder topics such as sequence, conditionals and functions.


Basic Knowledge on how to use a laptop

    Course Structure

    Lecture, Project-based learning, instructor-led brainstorming sessions

    Introduction to Drag and Drop, Sequence and Loops

    • Students learn how to drag and drop blocks of code 
    • Students will learn about Sequence and how it can be used to stack code together and how code is read from top to bottom 
    • Learn about Loops and make use of them to repeat code multiple times

    Conditionals, Events, Debugging

    • Learn about Debugging and how this method can be used to fix our mistakes with our code 
    • Learn about Conditionals and how we can run certain code under a specific condition 
    • Learn about Events and how code can be under a certain event and understand how events can be defined 
    • Learn to use as less code as possible when debugging

    Nested Loops, Variables, Functions and Arrays, Binary

    • Using the concepts of Loops, learn about Nested Loops and create code where one loop can be placed inside another loop 
    • Learn about Variables and Data and how we can store data inside a container and have it be used and updated as a program runs 
    • Learn about how Functions can be used to run a certain command and also minimize code

    • Learn about how Data can be stored in an Array and how this can be used in a program to make use of certain information 
    • Learn about Binary Numbers and how computers function


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