Minecraft Modding Level 4 (9yo+)

In this course, students will be using a software that allows them to create minecraft mods with their own graphical and behavioral designs. This course puts focus on creating complex Minecraft Mods with specific functionalities through codes. Students will learn to code for the behavior of the items, to create a series of events with custom commands, and to make a collection of mods that depends on and interact with each other using blocks-based programming.


Have played Minecraft before and Completed Minecraft 1-3

    Course Structure

    Lecture, Project-based learning, instructor-led brainstorming sessions

    Theoretical / Conceptual

    • Understand video game as a product of programming
    • Create and manipulate objects in game with block-based program
    • Visualising procedures as objects in an OOP game.
    • Appreciate the thought process of design from an user-experience(UX) point of view

    Technical or Software skills

    • Manipulate and design objects with an online modding platform
    • Modding their private Minecraft server on the online platform
    • Add context in game that interacts with player/game objects
    • Learn various basic computer science concepts with block-based programming practices
    • Understand the procedure of adding content in Minecraft

    Tangible and/or Portfolio Outcomes

    • A collection of mods they programmed
    • Showcase a Minecraft world with customized mods
    • Access to resources to learn more about modding and programming
    • Hands-on experience with computer science concepts


    Minecraft 4

    Aug 16-20, 2021

    4:00pm - 6:00pm