Roblox Level 1 Holiday Camp (9yo+)

The Roblox Coding Level 1 course allows students to create tailor-made and fun modifications to their Roblox Game. Programming will be done using drag and drop blocks inside Code Kingdoms. As the lesson progresses students will learn about programming concepts of Drag & Drop, Loops, Sequences, Variables & Conditionals and apply them to the mods that they create. These skills will be used and further developed in Level 2. Students will develop computational thinking and design thinking skills as they create their own mods using code.


Must have played Roblox for more than 2 to 3 hours

    Course Structure

    Lecture, Project-based learning, instructor-led brainstorming sessions

    Methods and Conditionals

    • Learn about Methods and Conditionals 
    • Get familiar with Roblox Studio 
    • Learn about the different loop concepts
    • Introduction to Events and how they can be used

    Introduction to Variables, Vectors, Cloning, Server Storage

    • Understanding how to replicate items with Server Storage
    • Learn how we can create a Clone in Server Storage
    • How we can create data with the use of Variables
    • Learn how to use vector to create positioning coordinates for characters and items
    • Learn about the Terrain Editor and how we can create cool looking environments

    Introduction to Inheritance, Debugging & Lighting Systems

    • Learn how to use the concept of Inheritance when working with an Object in Roblox and learning how to base it on another object
    • Learning how to check code, and find any errors and remove them through the process of Debugging 
    • Learn about how we can add light and change lights in Roblox Studio 
    • Creating Objects with Object Orientated Programming


    Roblox 1

    Dec 13-17, 2021



    Roblox 1

    Dec 20-24, 2021