Roblox Level 2 Holiday Camp (9yo+)

The Roblox Coding Level 2 course allows students to create tailor-made and fun modifications to their Roblox Game. They learn to create fun games, special levels and work on through concepts in Roblox Coding Level 2. Programming will be done using block based programming. As the lessons progress, students will reuse concepts from Level 1 and apply them to Level 2 with more complex programming concepts. Students will develop computational thinking and design thinking skills as they create their own mods using code, and their typing and debugging skills as they learn to type code instead of dragging and dropping as done previously.


Must have played Roblox for more than 2 to 3 hours and completed Roblox Level 1

    Course Structure

    Lecture, Project-based learning, discussions between student and instructor, instructor-led brainstorming sessions, students-led demo

    Method, While Loop, Randomness, Clones

    • Learn how Methods can be used in a program 
    • Learn how While Loops can be implemented to run when a certain condition is triggered 
    • Utilize Randomness to create a timer that runs on random intervals 
    • Understand how Clones can be used to create copies of characters and objects

    Fields, Conditionals and Local Variables

    • Understand how to create a value and assign it to a field that in placed in the game 
    • Create a game which use conditionals and have the characters in the game perform certain actions under certain conditionals 
    • Learn the difference in variables and understand what is a local variable and a global variable

    For Loop, Numerical For Loop

    • Understand and create a For Loop and make use of it in a game 
    • Understand how a Numerical and a normal For Loop differentiate from each other 
    • Make use of the For Loop to check if the player has collected all the items in a game


    Roblox 2

    Dec 20-24, 2021



    Roblox 2

    Jan 3-7, 2022