Scratch II: Algorithm Composing

The Scratch Level 2 course is a deep dive in Scratch for aspiring young programmers following the Scratch 101 course. After learning the fundamentals of Scratch and creative programming, students in the Scratch 102 course solidify their understanding of key computer science concepts including sequences, loops, conditionals, abstraction and object-oriented programming by creating more advanced and even more fun interactive games and projects. In this course, students will also start to use broadcasts to trigger events, thus learning systematic programming.


Completed Scratch Level 1

    Course Structure

    Lecture, Project-based learning, discussions between student and instructor, instructor-led brainstorming sessions, students-led demo

    Refresher of Creative Programming

    • Reviewing the basic computer science concepts including sequences and loops
    • Integrating parallelism in single and multiplayer games, to allow for multiple things to happen at the same time.

    Advanced events and cloning in Scratch

    • Introduction to broadcasting in Scratch, which allows communication between various components in Scratch.
    • Introduction to clones and pattern recognition in Scratch, for the creation of more efficient and complex games.
    • Composing and programming interactive Scratch games


    Scratch Level 2 (7-8yo)

    Aug 16-20, 2021

    9:30am - 11:30am