ScratchJr: Story and Game Development

The ScratchJr Level 2: Story & Game Development course works upon the coding fundamentals and concepts to young imaginative minds. Sometimes referred to as the post-iPad generation, young children born in this generation have gained proficiency and comfort in smartphones and tablets at an early age. ScratchJr Level 2 is an innovative app that teaches blocks-based programming, developed in collaboration with the MIT Media Lab. Students that started from using the pictorial blocks in Level 1, will now begin with making use of those same blocks but in more advanced situations and have a focus on creating and designing games. Students dive into the designing aspects of how games are made and also the coding fundamentals and thinking behind it.


ScratchJr Level 1

    Course Structure

    Lecture, Project-based learning, instructor-led brainstorming sessions

    Adding Reality Into A Game With Code

    • Introduction to how Gravity works in a game 
    • Learning to code realistic elements into a game 
    • Understanding how code can be used to detect character collision in ScratchJr 
    • Creating a Player Vs Player Game and understanding how these modes work

    Player Vs Environment Mode Game Creation

    • Learn about the Player Vs Environment Mode 
    • Create a game that is based on this mode 
    • Code and implement a Health Status Bar for Characters
    • Learn to bring realism inside a game that is created with ScratchJr

    Illusionary Effects & Math

    • Learn to code to have elements in a game appear and disappear 
    • Learn to design and code simplistic controls 
    • Understanding how to make use of the Forever Loop 
    • Learn to make use of the inbuilt timer in ScratchJr 
    • Understand how to design and create a quiz which works as a game 
    • Learn about Odd and Even Numbers


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