Thunkable - Mobile Apps

Thunkable is a great website, built upon the existing App Inventor tool created by MIT. With Thunkable, people can create their own apps to use in any smartphone, be it an iOS or Android application. Just as App Inventor, the tools and block-based programming language make it easy and intuitive for creators to build their own projects and with their easy to connect app, they can test it live in their phones without much setup.


Completion of AppJamming 1 and 2

    Course Structure

    Lecture, Project-based learning, instructor-led brainstorming sessions

    Introduction to Thunkable

    • Learn about the new platform, Thunkable, and how to place objects and code
    • Learn about our first data structure of the course, the database.
    • Apply our database knowledge to create a restaurant review application, to facilitate customers to give an opinion about a restaurant

    Lists and Cloud Storage

    • Review the concepts seen in App Inventor I and II
    • Utilize lists, functions and canvas to recreate a project from App Inventor, Paint, to strengthen our Thunkable skills
    • Learn about measurements to create a reaction based game using timers and stopwatches
    • Start digging into cloud computing, another data storage system used in many applications

    Game Design

    • Learn about the rows and columns structure of Thunkable, useful for placing different objects in a structured way in Thunkable applications
    • Review the basics of game development
    • Implement our game development knowledge to build a timed-based memory game


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