Visual Art with Code: Introduction to Java Processing

This course is designed for the creative minded. Within the context of the visual coding sketches, students will learn how to code in Processing, a Java-based, flexible software tool which serves as a gentle introduction to typing based coding languages. While coding is often regarded as a logical and rather cold way of solving problems, this course breaks these expected boundaries to produce amazing graphic arts and present new opportunities to explore the potential of computational power across many disciplines and professions. Through programming visual sketches, students will be introduced to key computer science concepts like functions and loops, as well basic design theories such as the golden ratio.


Basic Knowledge how to use a laptop

    Course Structure

    Lecture, Project-based learning, instructor-led brainstorming sessions

    Introduction to Processing

    • Introduction to the Java syntax
    • Familiarize with the Processing coordinate system and implementing basic visual shapes
    • Hands-on: creating simple visual sketches with Processing

    Simple Java Programming

    • Introduction to computer science concepts including variables, function, conditionals and loops in Processing
    • Hands-on: creating interactive design sketches with Processing

    Exploring Processing and Art

    • Deep dive into the concept and application of variables and functions in Java
    • Implement in Processing basic design theories on visual arts, including the golden ratio and perspective
    • Hands-on: Design and create artistic and interactive sketches


    Java Processing

    Dec 13-17, 2021