Minecraft Level 1-3



Minecraft, one of the best-selling sandbox video games, is also one of the best games that allow children to be creative and have fun at the same time. It is a game about collecting, crafting and building with blocks. Minecraft provides a 3D sandbox where you can experiment with everything. But why “punch tree to get wood” when you can create your own rules by adding new codes to mod the game?

In this course, students will be using a software that allows them to create minecraft mods with their own graphical and behavioral designs. Student will learn to create items and code for the behavior of the items, to create series of event with custom commands, and to make a collection of mods that depends on and interact with each others using blocks-based programming.

After this course students will be able to create projects consist of multiple elements . Student can mod their own blocks, item, structures and buildings in minecraft, create series of interactive events to make some fun features or even a minigame.


Have played Minecraft before


Small Group Class

We believe in developing a personal relationship with the student. Our instructors are as much teachers as we are facilitators, and coach for our students’ learning. Ensuring a small class of up to 4 students only, each student benefits from maximum attention from instructor and teaching assistant, and at the same time, learns from peers.

Follow on Curriculum for Immersed Learning

What happens after this holiday? Like learning any other language, learning to code is best done through an immersive, continual commitment. We offer a multi-year curriculum that allows students to deepen and broaden their interests in computer science and software development.

Hands-on Project-based Learning

First Code classrooms are messy, chaotic and we love it! We believe in hands-on creation, experimental learning and lots of discussion.

Personalized Learning

Our courses are designed for students to run at their own pace. Our curriculum is level-based for each module, meaning that each student can learn at their own appropriate, customized pace.


Live, online, small group class
10 Classes, 1.5 hours per class
Flexible, upon parent's request

Course Content

Time: 10 weeks

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