Tinker Coding Program

  • Develop creative thinking to make your child's unique
  • Professional coding instructor to teach you coding anytime, anywhere
  • Suitable for children aged 6-8

First Code 1:1 Learning

Smooth, personalized and productive learning

1:1 Live Learning

  • Schedule class time
  • Teach you to paint anytime, anywhere
  • Experience aristocratic teaching services

Change instructors where needed

  • Tens of thousands of professional teachers the team chooses

Personalized Instruction platform

  • Pre-class evaluation report
  • Classroom interaction
  • Combining after-school ability training

Tailor-made for children aged 6-8

Tailored for 5-7 year olds

The First Code curriculum system is built upon the American computer science education system, combining European creative teaching system, the core literacy of the 21st century, and the core literacy of STEM disciplines.

We present a K12 coding education system in line with international standards.

The Tinker Coding course equips students to create projects with block-based programming tools, apply their imagination and creation.

Children gain understanding of foundational computer science concepts and grasp cognitive ability of programming. Through the study of different topics and cumulation of comprehensive knowledge, children can independently conceive coding projects.

Three-dimensional teaching training objectives

Computer Science Knowledge

  • Learn the concepts of sprites, movements, commands, loops

Emotional Development

  • Cultivate self-confidence and creative confidence to create freely on technology
  • Develop curiosity

Technical Skills

  • Gain proficiency on iPad-based coding tools
  • Create own projects using specific coding blocks

What will the child gain in the course?

“Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think”
Steve Jobs

Understand the world in a whole new lens

Through the study of coding and computer science, children gain understanding of our digital-first world from a technologist point of view.

Imagination, appreciation,

The Tinker Coding Program combines international standards on technology education, allows children to observe and analyze logically, and exert their imagination and creative ability.

Get more time with family

First Code’s course adopts an interactive one-on-one live broadcast method, conveniently saves children time to learn new things or relax.

Course advantages

Proprietary Scientific Coding Education

Personalized Coding Education Program

According to the children's age and developmental characteristics, set up a systematic course with clear goals to help children gain proficiency in coding education.

Learn at home anytime, anywhere

You can learn at home through the computer, saving commuting time to and from classrooms.

Proprietary, professionally developed coding courses

Experts in coding education advise our curriculum development team. We create and constantly update our curriculum to fit the ever-changing landscape of technology.

One-to-one teaching concept and service

Our coding instructors conduct one-on-one online face-to-face teaching. Code with your child anytime, anywhere, providing top notch coding education experience.

Derived from the European and American curriculum system

The First Code K12 coding education curriculum system is derived from American and European creative and computational thinking education curriculum.

Create exclusive portfolio

Each lesson, a child finishes a coding project and accumulates a portfolio to showcase their creativity and learning.

Junior 1

Age 5

Junior 2

Age 6

Tinker 1

Age 7

Tinker 2

Age 8

Explorer 1

Age 9

Explorer 2

Age 10

Explorer 3

Age 11


Age 12+

Course content

Understand the process of creating on technology, gain perspective that technology is a mode of creatve expression, build logical thinking skills through hands-on projects.

Build knowledge on core computer science concepts, build and code their own animation and games, gain hands-on experience in programming with scratch & arduino.

Develop computational thinking skills, understanding design thinking and problem solving skills, gain proficiency in first syntax based programming language.

Apply computer science concepts to real life problems, develop undestanding on modern  technology, build projects using modern technology for community.



Virtual Reality

App Lab, Thunkable
Java Processing

Web programming
Artificial Inteligence

Skills Developed

Creative Confidence
Logical thinking

Observation skills
Logical & Systematic thinking
Creative expression
Abstract thinking

Logical thinking
Divergent problem solving
Attention to detail

Logical thinking
Ability to self-learn
Communication & Empathy

Technical Learning Objectives

Block based programming language on tablet (iPad or Android)
Build animations and games through iPad based tools

First block based programming language with PC (laptop or desktop)
Understand loops, conditionals, variables etc.

Develop mobile applications and web projects
Learn first syntax based programming language
Gain deeper understanding on computer science concepts through applying to various platforms

Dive deeper into programming with modern languages
Gain fluency in current technology concepts
Develop ability to self-learn technical knowledge

21st Century Skills

Critical thinking, problem solving, innovative mindset, creative expression, communication skills, leadership skills

Lesson Duration

1 Hour

1 Hour

1 Hour

1 Hour

Student Portfolio